There are different types of damp. Work out what it’s caused by and which type it is to help you treat the problem in the right way.

  • Condensatio (most common) – moisture in the air
  • Penetrating dampness – rain getting in through gaps in the brickwork, roof, window frames, and around doors
  • Rising damp – affects basements and ground floor rooms, the signs include decayed skirting boards and floors, stained plaster and peeling paint and wallpaper.
  • Defective plumbing – defects in guttering and pipes, cracked rendering, leaking water pipes, waste pipes and overflows

Most homes will be affected by dampness at some point. Damp damage to South African property is one of the most worrisome conditions for estate agents and potential buyers or sellers.

HomeSpec provides a full damp report and what to do to fix the problem areas.